Saturday, December 13, 2008

12 Week Lifestyle Challenge!

With the New Year just around the corner, one might already be thinking about their New Year's Resolution.

I know for a lot of people they want to be healthier in 2009! They may also want to increase their income...looking into new opportunities. Maybe even shed a few pounds or just get back the energy that they used to have when they were younger.

I am here to let you know if you are thinking of any of the above, you are in the right place. I am going to shed some light. =)

I am putting together a team of people who would like to take the 12 week Lifestyle Challenge.

This is about regaining control over your life and not turning back. This program will start up during the beginning weeks of the January.

What is it? What do I need to do?

It is very easy and simple. I find if it is simple, people like to do it and stay on track!

1st: Start by watching this short video that will introduce you to RESET!

2nd: What are you going to do after the RESET?

Transform your body to continue to lose weight and meet your health goals.


Maintain your weight and healthy habits!

3rd: Buddy up with a friend or loved one to help each other to reach your health goals!

4th: Ask me how to get started!

After the 12 week Challenge, you will look and feel better. You'll be a walking billboard for health and other's are going to be asking you how you did it!

I look forward to helping you find the new YOU in 2009!

To Your Health!
Stacy Stehle

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Get your downline over the fear of talking to people!

I've got a solution for you - a solution that is going to help you and your team members in a BIG way, to get over the fear of talking to people.

And you can get the solution right now for free, by listening to my November/December Training Call, which I just put on my website.

Fear is actually one of many mannerisms that can give you a flunking grade when it comes to talking to people.

If you are nervous, or you talk too fast, or you sound rehearsed, or you can't make eye contact...well, let's be honest here. If you do any of these things, your prospects have a really hard time listening to what you say.

That's why I spent more than an hour on this training call, sharing the details that will teach you how to get over fear and other major obstacles that cause network marketers to get sweaty palms, lose their train of thought, and forget what to say.

On this recorded training you will discover:

• The seven things that will help prospects understand you better and follow your communication easily.

• How to completely get over the fear of talking to people. I even share my own personal journey of what I did to stop fear from ruining my presentations.

• The one essential thing I do that makes or breaks a professional presentation.
And don't forget to catch the BONUS material which includes:

• My recommendations to Mike, who promotes A LOT but doesn't have a very good sign-up ratio. Listen in as I help debug his prospecting challenges.

• My advice given to Talak, who uses a voice mail system for leads. Plenty of leads call the number but very few leave messages. Listen in as I give my input to help Talak get better results.

Plus six other bonus conversations, addressing current challenges that network marketers just like you deal with on a daily basis. They are not to be missed!

Listen to the call here:

Committed to your success,

Tim Sales

Monday, December 1, 2008

Start Your New Year's Resolution TODAY!!

You can't deny it but a lot of people every year want to lose weight, gain energy, become healthier! Some people start off strong and then by the first week they are back into their old habits. How can you break the cycle? How can you change your life for the better?

The key for you may be RESET!

This is a lifestyle change...NOT a DIET. Diet's don't work!

RESET is a 5 day fiber cleanse that uses food to jump start you into loosing the high carb and sugar cravings. The shakes and bars are low glycemic, they will not spike your blood sugar and they fill you up! Learn how to feed your body with the nutrition it needs to run effectively.

Learn more about it: RESET Your Life!

To Your Health!

Stacy Stehle

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis the Season to be Networking! Falalala lalalala

Can you believe it? The holiday's are knocking at our doors. Where did the time go? What a wonderful time to hangout with family and friends! Catch up with them and see what is going on!

This is a great time for your business. Talk with the people you know and the people you don't know, work on your communication skills and also find out more about them.

Dig a little deeper, find out their interests and maybe a way you can help them jump start their goals in the New Year. Not to mention creating ideas of health for their Holiday gifts!

Let them speak! Take all their information with you and when you get back home you can follow up with them and share some great information that might help them achieve what they are looking for!

My team and I are having Health and Wellness Spa Seminars and networking parties all the way up until the New Year so that we can bring people together and share this wonderful gift, USANA.

Also incorporate giving "True Health" to people in the form of sampling out products. It is a great way to create curiosity and interest. You do have to make sure to follow-up with your potential prospect!

I hope that everyone enjoys the Holiday Season!

To Your Health!!
Stacy Stehle

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

How to Grab and Hold your Prospect's Interest

By Tim Sales

In last month’s newsletter and training call I discussed how to present to your prospect without being too shy or too pushy. This month’s newsletter is all about communicating easily - which has to do with you being a sharp presenter, and presenting with professionalism.

Not winging it… but also not sounding rehearsed. No fumbling over your words. No being out of breath because you’re scared. No apologizing for being scared. Simply put, being a confident and professional presenter who delivers good content effectively.
Sound hard to do? It’s not.

Unfortunately too many people in the M.L.M industry don’t take the time to learn a few simple concepts. In presenting, right or wrong, your prospect will judge you, the business and the M.L.M industry based on how you present. Is it any wonder the industry has a public relations black eye? Too many presenters in M.L.M “wing it.”

Communication Quality number five is Communicate easily— no tension, strain,
fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating. If there were a word that defined this Communication Quality it would be articulate.  Which means:  1. to express oneself clearly and coherently; 2. to pronounce distinctly;
I’m not talking here about using perfect English. I can not claim to have mastered this Communication Quality from an English professor’s viewpoint. But I have mastered it enough to communicate to my audience. Sometimes things said with perfect grammatical correctness make no sense to the person you’re talking to. No, I’m talking about true communication – which is articulating words so they make complete sense to the person you’re talking to. If you’re speaking to a typical teenager in perfect English tongue – they will think you’re an idiot.

There are several things that cause you to speak easily and clearly. I will go into depth on these topics on the training call. I’m just mentioning and defining them here, because if I wrote everything about them it would be a 10 page newsletter! Here’s a list of things you need to be aware of that will cause your prospect to pay attention to you and truly learn from you.

Vary the speed of your speech

Your speed of delivery must vary – meaning you have parts of your presentation that are faster and other parts slower. Why? Because this is how you stress importance. I’ll go into details about this on the conference call.

Vary your voice tone and volume

A varied tone of voice and volume are very important if you want to keep your prospect’s attention and have them understand what you say. It’s what gives your prospect a clue about what is important and what is very important.

Create strategic pauses

Extremely effective so the audience feels that you are speaking right to them.

Use set-up words and sentences

Set-up words are words you say that prepare your prospect for what you’re about to emphasize. Like if I were to say, “If you learn nothing else out of tonight’s presentation…” that would be a set-up sentence to emphasize what I’m about to say.

Build bridges

Another topic is the use of what I call bridges. Bridges are words and or sentences you use to transition from one topic to another. When you’re shifting topics – you need to use a bridge – otherwise your prospect doesn’t follow you and there’s a gap. Many prospects get lost in this G A P between topic 1 and topic 2. It’s not that they don’t understand topic 1 or 2, it’s that they didn’t hear you move from topic 1 to topic 2 and they don’t see how the two topics relate.

Be easily heard

You need to communicate with a volume that each person you’re talking to can hear easily but not so loud that it causes the prospect to feel you’re shouting at them.

Make frequent eye contact

Make frequent eye contact with individual people. I used to practice this at my kitchen table with stuffed animals. I would talk to one animal sitting at the table and then to another one. If you’re talking to a husband and wife, you should talk directly to the wife for 5-10 seconds and then directly to the husband for 5-10 seconds. When speaking to 10,000 people, you look at ONE person and talk to them for 5-10 seconds then pick out another person. Never talk to a crowd.
When I complete talking about these sections on the training call I’m going to cover FEAR! Because if you are afraid you will not be speaking easily!

Please reply with any questions about ANY of the subjects I’ve written about. Your questions and comments help me to understand exactly what your thoughts are about this subject so that I can better talk to you and give you what you need. Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments section at the end of this article here:

With admiration,

Tim Sales

Thursday, November 6, 2008

MLM Training: The Strongest Prospect Magnet is Great Promotion!

By Tim Sales

The worst thing you can ever do in your MLM business career is to think, ponder, worry or even get the idea that it’s unprofessional to promote! Here are some MLM training strategies for generating your own MLM leads, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Prospects are basically the foundation of any business as they are the - potential customers to the business. So just how do YOU find MLM prospects?

Let’s start out with a definition of the word promote which is the most important word in finding prospects for your MLM Business. The word promote means: to make known.

I was recently doing some MLM training with a person in my downline. She needed some help with her business, which was not growing. As I asked various questions I finally found the “nasty bug” that was stopping her network marketing business from moving forward. She didn’t want to come off as being or sounding sales-y. This stopped her from promoting.

How does everyone else promote?A politician promotes how he/she can make a whole community’s life better - so he’s/she’s making herself known to the public by promoting and making known to as many people as possible what he/she can do for them. If you’ve noticed, politicians promote on TV, radio, signs stuck in the grass or on telephone poles along a busy street or maybe speaking at various group meetings.

A college promotes what courses it offers. It might promote on radio, might promote to high schools or through sporting events. A stockbroker promotes that he can help his/her prospect make money. A local restaurant will promote via radio, or mailing brochures or discount coupons.

The worst thing you can ever do in your MLM business career is to think, ponder, worry or even get the idea that it’s unprofessional to promote!

You really need to know and understand promotion. The only way you can have prospects, therefore customers or distributors - is to promote. The only way for you to make money in network marketing is to promote. You can write down your dreams and goals and study them every night. But you’re as effective as a billboard in the middle of the desert. No one knows you exist until you make yourself known. So if you ever find yourself where your business isn’t growing or you don’t have enough prospects, enough customers, or enough distributors - what do you do? Promote!

Why do you promote? The reason you promote is to create desire for your product. If you don’t create a desire for your product, it’s very difficult to achieve MLM success. How would you know that someone desires your product or business? Well certainly if you sent a post card and someone called the number - that’s someone showing desire in your MLM Business. Even if a person called and asks, “How much is this?” It would still be someone showing desire - or at least slight interest. If you called a friend and asked them to look at something and they said, “Send it to me.” That’s showing a desire. People sometimes refer to desire as “responses,” as in, someone responded to my promotion.

Different types of promotion

So now let’s talk about different types of promotion that create desire. You could promote your MLM Business in:
1. The Help Wanted, the Sales & Marketing or the Business Opportunity sections of a newspaper,

2. Advertising section of magazines,

3. Direct mail, such as sending out post cards to everyone in your zip code,

4. Door hangers,

5. Email, banner ads on the internet,

6. Networking. I’m sure you could have guessed that I would name that one. But you would be surprised at how many people, when mentioning all the ways to promote, miss that one. In fact, if you use traditional promotion with the mindset of just finding a network of people to work - you will fare far better than most who only measure their responses with how many people respond to their advertisement. You can turn one response from a promotion into thousands if you properly network.

One other place to find prospects for your business is to promote to MLM leads you purchase from a lead company. The advantage of this is you’re only paying for those who’ve responded and you’re not paying for all the people who didn’t respond. If I send out 10,000 post cards and get 20 responses, then I paid for 9,980 post cards that didn’t get a response.

The advantage of writing your own ads of course is being able to target your specific audience with your specific product or opportunity message. Which is VERY important and should not be underestimated. In contrast, when you buy leads, you’re buying general ads - perhaps people who’ve responded to wanting a home based business. The other down side to buying leads is that very often, lead companies resell their leads to more than just you - so you’ve got extra competition to deal with.

Three broad ways to promote

Now, it probably sounded like I just contradicted myself; I didn’t. I just saved you years of running in circles trying to figure the advantages and the disadvantages to generating your own leads or buying leads. This is the game. You must promote. There are three broad ways to promote.

1. Networking- which costs the least - you’re going to have costs of meals with prospects - costs of joining clubs and associations. So I have rock climbing club fees, I have mountain climbing association fees, horseback riding fees, mountain biking fees- these are like $50 - $100 dollars a year.

2. Buying leads is more expensive than networking, less expensive than generating your own - but has some advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you get some hot leads - sometimes, you swear you’re calling a graveyard.

3. Generating your own. Most expensive, but has the advantages of targeting your prospects.

Here’s a list of advertisements that I’ve run to promote my own MLM business opportunity.

* Some people earn Ten thousand dollars a year. And some people earn One million in the same year. Click here to see difference.

* Need more money; NOW!

* Does it ever break your heart to leave your kids at daycare?

* Looking for a FUN business?

* Go to the golf course when it’s not crowded.

* The truth about making money. A lot of it.

* WEALTH FORMULA. Click here (banner ads)

* Wealth formula that takes a lot of effort - but retires you in 4 years.

* Extremely well paying position available to right person. Must have sales & marketing experience. Sales training a big plus.

* Immediate Need for Effective Sales Person. Unlimited earning and growth potential. Self-starter, sales writing skills and team player will be keys to success in this growing, high tech organization. Will be responsible for generating sales leads, preparing and giving presentations on company products and training sales team for development company. Great benefits. Great FUN TEAM! Fax resume to:

Be “in” business

The bottom line is you must be using at least one of these three methods to achieve MLM success. If you’re not, you’re not in business - you’re out of business. What you should be doing, if you see the big picture and want the very big income is you need to be doing all three. All the time. Ideally you start out by networking, which will create enough money to buy MLM leads, then you’ll generate enough money from the leads you purchased to generate your own leads. My point is, as soon as you start making any money, reinvest it in promotion.

One other MLM training tip: don’t measure your success by just your immediate responses. Any marketer who is of any value knows that how you measure return on promotion investment is based on the “life of the customer.” NOT immediate return. Get one leader from a MONTH or 6-MONTHS of promotion and it can pay you for the rest of your life. People often ask me, how much money did you make your first year in network marketing- I tell them, “I don’t know, I’m still earning it.”

Much respect and admiration,
Tim Sales
www.FirstClass MLM

Saturday, November 1, 2008

MLM Training - Why Prospects Disappear and How to Get Them Back

By Tim Sales

Over the past several months I've received many questions with a similar theme. Each of these questions leaves me a clue as to what's going on...what you're doing and what you're not doing.

The questions start off explaining that you're doing everything I taught you in Professional Inviter, specifically, you GREET correctly and the prospect talks with you in a friendly manner and then you move to the QUALIFY step and the prospect tells you what would make their life better. You INVITE them to look at a video and just like some of the live calls you heard me do they are eager to watch the video and you CLOSE THEM TO ACTION by getting the specific date and time to FOLLOW UP with them. Both of you happily hang up the phone and then POOF, the prospect vanishes.

What did you do wrong?

You start backtracking through everything in your mind trying to figure out what you missed and what you possibly could have done wrong. You felt such a great connection with the person - surely they wouldn't avoid your call. Surely they would at least have the decency to say they're not interested, if that's the case. But maybe they had an emergency come up and simply couldn't come to the phone. Maybe you got the time wrong - maybe you said 8 pm but thought 7 pm.

This is all NOISE in your head.

If you do not follow my FOLLOW UP procedures exactly, this noise in your head could destroy your confidence and walk you backwards right out of the business. I cover this in detail in Professional Inviter ( in the Follow Up section) along with letting you hear live calls. But here, I will outline the procedures and why they are so important.

On the day of the scheduled follow up call - call them exactly when you said you would.

If they do not answer the phone - leave an upbeat message something like this, "Hello Mark; this is Tim Sales. I'm calling you at the scheduled time. You can give me a call at 801.222.2222. Let me give that number to you again 801.222.2222. I'll also try to reach you as well because I'm going to be out and away from my phone for a while. I look forward to talking with you and finding out what you thought about the video. Bye bye."
You can call them one more time today provided it's not past 9pm. If you do call a second time, don't leave a message.

Call them one time. Leave a message, "Hello Mark - this is Tim Sales. I'm just trying to catch up with you. I'll try you later or you can call me back. 801.222.2222; again 801.222.2222."

Only leave a message on one of those calls.

Only leave a message on one of those calls.

If cold market: Leave a final message, "Hello Mark; this is Tim Sales. I'm calling you to let you know that I won't be calling you again. I'm taking you not returning my call to mean that you're not interested - which is fine because I really just wanted to help you get ______. If you want to pick this up at another time I'd be happy to help you. I wish you well Mark, bye bye."

If warm market: Leave a final message, "Hello Mark; this is Tim Sales. I'm calling you to let you know that I won't be calling you again concerning the business. I'm taking you not returning my call to mean that you're not interested - which is fine because I really just wanted to help you get ______. Mark, I sure hope that me inviting you to look at ______ didn't in some way violate our friendship. If it did, please let me know because I definitely want to make that right. Your friendship to me means more than anything we could ever do business-wise. If you'd prefer to email me, my email is _______. Please do get in touch with me, bye bye."

Why you MUST do this...
You need to follow this exactly as I laid it out because it's what got the best results for me and people joining my downline. Sure, you could not call them again after their "disappearance" - but you'd be missing out on some that would have otherwise joined your business after a bit more objection handling.

Also, you need to leave a "final" message so that YOU can move on and your PROSPECT can move on.

You see, when you have something incomplete (such as two people who scheduled an appointment but didn't have the meeting) - you will keep bringing it up in your mind over and over again - this is damaging to you because it continually keeps you looking at that event "wondering." The prospect also has something incomplete in that they know they made a commitment they didn't keep. Now, they may justify their actions with "they'll take the hint" or some other such thoughts but the mere fact that they have that thought is enough to know that they too are incomplete.

By you leaving a final message which concludes the event for both of you - both of you can move on. I'd say 1/3 of the time that I've left a final message, I've gotten some kind of call back apologizing for them not calling me back. Many times they claim it was because they "got busy." It honestly doesn't matter what happened. You're doing this so you can fully move on.

So, earlier when I said that your questions leave me clues to what you're doing and what you're not doing - the questions surrounding you being upset about people going "poof" on you told me you're not doing sufficient follow-up and not leaving final messages.

Just try it - you'll see that you really will recover some of those who disappeared and you really will move on when you leave the final message.

Tim Sales

P.S. The follow-up sequence is only one small part of what you'll learn in Professional Inviter ( To know what to do every step of the way, from introduction to distributor sign-up, get and listen to Professional Inviter. You'll increase your confidence and your income.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Five Rules to Follow When Prospecting in Your Warm Market

By Tim Sales

With these five success factors, you’ll never feel like a pushy sales person and lose the friendship and respect of your family and friends. The MLM training in this article will teach you how to talk about your MLM business with ease and will always guide you to say the right thing.

Forget for a second that you’re in network marketing. What if you were starting any other kind of business like a retail store, a salon, or a construction company? Where would you get your customers? Your employees? How about business partners? Where would you find them?

In one or more of those categories a friend, acquaintance or family member might be the right fit, maybe not. Maybe they know the right fit. Somehow it always works itself back to an acquaintance, a recommendation or a referral. In MLM, this is called your “warm market.”

Life seems to be a series of experiences brought on by connections to other people. Your job as a Networker is to connect the bridges together and move past the disinterested in a professional and honest way, without “pushing.” Most all businesses begin this way.

Your warm market can be one of the greatest resources to your MLM business. Dealing with family and friends can be a blessing or a curse, but if you want your family and friends to continue to respect you, give you referrals, be your customer, and possibly say “yes” to your presentation, I recommend you follow these five simple MLM training tips when working with your warm market.

Rule #1 Hold your tongue. Don’t ever insult someone for his or her decision not to participate with you in your business. Don’t tell someone they’re stupid for not doing business with you, even if it is “the way you talk to your brother.” It’s unprofessional and out of place.

Rule #2 Be wise. “No” rarely means no. That same brother in three weeks or three years could lose his job. If you’ve made a fool out of yourself, not only will he not do the business, he will beat you to all of your friends and tell them about the “scam” you’re in. All of this because “you told him” how stupid he was. That’s not wise.

Rule #3 Deal with it. For 10 years I’ve dealt with objections, concerns, past failures, bad experiences, etc., which have all taught me how to successfully handle these issues. The good news is that all of these objections are resolved and discussed in the “Brilliant Compensation” presentation. Just as an experienced dentist knows that treating teeth is the easy part and the hard part is dealing with the patient’s baggage - like the time the other dentist stuck a six-foot needle in their gum when they were 14 years old. Dealing with these issues is what wins the patient. Once the trust is established you’ve got them for life or until you decide to stop servicing their needs.

Rule #4 Yes or No. Some prospects just take one conversation to be won and some prospects take 10 conversations. (Nine of those conversations resulted in a “No” answer even though “No” was never stated.) If you take the thought process as being that either the prospect says “Yes” or “No,” then you’ll miss the art of communication and networking.

Suppose your company has 20 products. If your prospect says “No”, find out what they are saying “No” to. Are they saying “No” to all 20 products? Are they saying ”No” to “I don’t want to diversify my income?” No to ”I don’t know anyone who needs or wants any of your 20 products?” That’s a lot to say “No” to. I recommend that you find out exactly what your prospects are truly saying “No” to.

Rule #5 Don’t be a bug. Do not ever “bug” family and friends about your company. Sometimes Networkers get extremely focused, which is good, and it should never be suppressed. Focus is what creates “eliteness.” Just be disciplined as to what and who deserves that focus. If it’s a friend or family member who clearly isn’t interested, quit wasting time there and go get in front of people who do want to be a part of your MLM business or a product consumer.

Your warm market is an important part of your business. Abuse it and pretty soon you’ll notice they don’t return your phone calls anymore. Keep these five rules in mind and get the proper MLM training to be effective at communicating with your warm market, and you will see that you can have a successful business and keep the respect of your family and friends.

And there you have it - five rules to follow when working with your friends and family.

Much respect and admiration,
Tim Sales

For more see FirstClassMLMTools.comTim Sales' MLM training and tools resource site - for everyone in network marketing who really wants a how-to manual, not hype or fluff.

Friday, October 17, 2008

How to Create a Magical Connection With Your Prospect

By Tim Sales

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant talking with someone and the two of you are so engaged in conversation that it is as though you are the only two people in the restaurant? Better yet - the only two people on the Planet?

How about...

"We're just on the same wavelength" or "I feel like I've known you all my life" - these are phrases that are typically stated when people are trying to describe this magical connection.
Could all these have a common denominator? I believe so. It's that two (or more) people are talking with the same assertiveness level. The word assertive means the force a person uses to make their opinion known.

This is where art and finesse come into my otherwise systematic approach. So when you're presenting your product or your company, how forcefully you communicate to your prospect is what I'm referring to with "your assertiveness level."

In another way of looking at this, picture that you have infinite volume in your voice and you get to choose how loud you will tell your prospect about your company - this is your assertiveness level. If you scream you will probably be using too much assertiveness. If you whisper you will probably be using not enough assertiveness.

If I were to blame only one thing for the less than perfect reputation of multi-level marketing I would blame using too much assertiveness. This subject begs to be understood. I explained a small portion in "Professional Inviter" - but as a presenter you need more skills.

Some people can handle a lot of assertiveness being pushed their way and some cannot! What happens when someone cannot handle much assertiveness? They back away and withdraw from you. What happens when your assertiveness level is not enough for the prospect? They will be bored with you as you lack the conviction they require and they'll walk away from you.

Therefore it is critical that your assertiveness level be approximately the same as your prospects'.There are several methods or strategies to raise or lower your assertiveness towards another person. As I go through this list, keep in mind that I'm teaching you this from two different perspectives - one, I want you to see how you can raise or lower your assertiveness and the second reason I'm teaching this to you is for you to be able to tell what level of assertiveness your prospect is at.

Here are the main methods you can use to adjust your assertiveness level:

Voice volume:

If you speak very loudly, you can easily be too assertive. Speaking very softly, that is, not quite heard by your prospect - will result in you using too little assertiveness. Neither of these are optimum.

Body language:

Your body language includes how you stand or sit. The closer you stand to the prospect the more assertiveness you are using. The further away you stand from the prospect the less assertive you are. Shoulders squared to the prospect - more assertive, talk with your hands - more assertive, lean back when you talk - less assertive and even the color of your suit makes you more or less assertive!

Facial expression:

A strong face with head tilted up with no smile will have more assertiveness than a cowardly look with head tilted down. We all know how to look mean, angry, happy, sad or surprised - we all know these emotions we wear on our faces... well, each of these contributes to your assertiveness level.

Direct or dispersed words:

This has to do with the aggregate number of words you use to say something. If someone asks you a question and you reply, "NO", it's much more assertive than if you were to answer, "Well I see your point but I've not really seen that over the long term." Your answer is the same - no. But the assertiveness level is reduced or dispersed.


There are many "time frames" you should be aware of when presenting. I will go into depth on this on the upcoming conference call. This one may explain why the prospect "was interested" and "now they're not" - what happened!?


Repetition is the number of times you repeat something or the frequency with which you repeat something in a given time frame.

Hopefully you can now see that there are several things that go into having or using the right amount of assertiveness. Please join me on the upcoming conference call (scheduled for Wednesday, October 22nd at 9 PM Eastern) and I will explain this very crucial subject for you in detail so you know how to adjust your own assertiveness to your prospect's easily.

I'd like to know what questions or comments you have about this topic. If you consider yourself "shy" - please tell me why. If you feel you sometimes "come on too strong" - please tell me why.
Leave your comments and questions at the end of this article at and I will discuss them on the free training call:

Tim Sales

P.S. Don't forget that to be a good presenter, you first have to be a good inviter. If you don't already have Professional Inviter, I urge you to get it now so you too can have results like these: "Since using the techniques espoused by Tim, my sponsor rate has increased to 70%. That's pretty good in my book." - Bruce Rouse

Here is the press release on his training call:

A Great Learning Tool

I am reading the book, The Business School for People Who Like Helping People by Robert Kiyosaki.

I highly suggest that you read it or like Robert Kiyosaki suggests, if your wondering about network marketing, it is also a great book to read.

For me, I am already in network marketing. Most of you can tell from reading my blog! This book just reinforced the fact that I have chosen the right path for me. This industry is a great way to get ahead in life and to grow as a person.

Training is very important with a network marketing business. When looking for one ask them about their training programs. If you get the right training you will succeed. However, you do need to put in the effort. By no means is this a get rich quick scheme. Robert suggests giving it 5 years!

You will definitely grow as a person, develop skills to improve your business and life and also over come your fears. Most people fear. They fear stepping out of their comfort zone. They fear of failure. They fear of selling.

However, everyone sells. I also learned this from Tim Sales. What is the difference between sales and communication? What do you do when you go for a job interview? You communicate to them that you are best for the job. You sell yourself. What do you do when you meet a person you like? You communicate with them, don't you share information about you? You are again selling yourself and they are doing the same to you.

If you have never failed, then you are not growing. You learn from your mistakes. Great leaders have failed. It is not the end of the world. I used to always want to be perfect. Say the right thing, do the right thing, never wanted to make a mistake. This book reassured me that it's OK to make mistakes because you learn from them and you also improve as a person.

If you're not learning your not growing! Take time for yourself.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our 1st Health & Wellness Spa Seminar

Last night my business partner, Rose and I conducted our 1st Health and Wellness Spa Seminar. This seminar was created by Carmen Marshall. She has had great success with it and has shared her information with everyone in USANA!

We are so blessed to have this opportunity!This seminar was a huge success. It allowed us to be creative and to have a fun time while sharing with our guests Dr. Wentz's Vision, USANA Health Sciences and the amazing products that have helped so many people in so many ways.

At the seminar, we gave the wonderful opportunity to sample Sense Beautiful Science. A paraben and chemical free, self-preserving skin care line with a shelf life of 2 years. There is nothing in the world that compares. Literally!

Our guests took home the wonderful product on their skin but also more knowledge of how we need to protect ourselves from disease and how our cells, skin and eating play a huge role in that.

Rose and I have made it a mission to share with others this wonderful information and will be having a Health & Wellness Spa Seminar once a week! If you haven't been to one, you need to check it out. It is very educational and I am certain you will take some of that education with you!

To your health!

Monday, October 13, 2008

MLM Training: What Leaders Do

By Tim Sales

Having trouble getting your downline to be motivated, productive and follow your MLM training guidance and suggestions? Here’s 29 proven actions successful MLM leaders do, written by a leader with a downline of 56,000 people.

1. A network marketing leader doesn’t wait until he/she gets a large group before becoming a leader. It can’t work that way, because you would never get the large group if you’re waiting to be leader first! Nor does the leader wait until they feel they possess the knowledge to lead - rarely they do.

2. At events, the leader arrives early and reserves chairs for their entire group on the front row. What I’ve found is that there are very rarely more than two leaders in any room. Please understand what I mean by this. Once a person gets to a certain level of success they will stop doing these simple leadership things because of ego. They suddenly become “too knowledgeable” to sit and listen to a speaker that has less time in the MLM business than them. If you remain humble and hungry the world is yours. So is the front row, by the way.

3. A true leader realizes that there is a difference between being a leader and being a leader of people. More on this later.

4. Network marketing “works” under many conditions, but when those relationships between you and your organization become tight and a “esprit de corps” is created, there’s nothing like it. I do mean nothing.

5. Appearance is impeccable. Even in jeans.

6. A leader “appears” organized, much like ducks cruising smoothly across the water, however, no one sees or knows how radical and out of control their feet are peddling.

7. Leaders of people treat their people with respect. Respect means you have a good opinion of their character or ideas. Simply put, you are interested in your people - their ideas, their complaints, their fears, their successes - THEM!

8. As a leader you develop or find five “Top Producers.” Devote yourself to them. Find three qualities that you like about each person. Write those in your day planner. Review them frequently, thinking of how you can help bolster one of those attributes. Bolstering an attribute can be many things - from a good verbal acknowledgement, to giving a telephone headset to someone as a gift who is working hard at making calls, to being their friend when they have a personal crisis.

9. New leaders are let down often by those they devote themselves to. Why? Because you selected the wrong person to devote yourself to. You only get good at character choosing with experience. Track record is really the only place to look first. What has the person been doing with their time…and what does the person do with his or her time? Albeit controversial, do not sink yourself if doing so won’t save your mate. Cut away when you feel you’re being pulled under. If you help “able” people, they will help more people. If you try to help an unable person they may sink you on their way down.

10. The network marketing leader organizes MLM training sessions and gets the product or service “specialist” in front of their group - whether it’s in person, on a conference call or on an audio or video. Example: Your company carries a nutrition line created by Dr. Whoever. He specializes in human nutrition and created an ingredient that is in your products that is truly unique. The leader will somehow get that doctor on a conference call with his or her group to raise their belief in the products.

11. A network marketing leader always gives “back” more. Example: Let’s say that there’s a foul-up in processing distributor agreements in your downline. You get the distributors on the phone with a customer service rep that handles the situation. You know that that customer service rep really worked hard to help the situation. Yes, it’s their job…BUT, the leader will send that customer service rep a bag of M&M’s or flowers or something to say “thank you for going above the call of duty.” What do you think that customer service rep will do for your group now? Just about anything.

12. The leader climbs the ladder and finds out who the decision makers are at the company and gets to know them but never bugs them. This is positioning yourself so that opportunity can see you. This is different than you seeing opportunity. Suddenly you find yourself speaking at the convention…hmm, I guess it was just luck. Yeah, right!

13. At the company conventions the leader will introduce the corporate staff to their organization and vice-versa. Even the order takers! Take the time to do this because it creates a sense of belonging for both the corporate staff as well as the distributors. Imagine the difference when a biochemist for a company has met 100 real people with dreams and passions about selling his/her product. Do you think that creates a stronger passion for the biochemist to create better products? Absolutely. All of this “belonging” and “passion” was created because of your leadership.

14. A leader in network marketing is the switchboard of information and communication. They’re not “in the loop.” They ARE the loop.

15. A leader can always be reached by fax, email and or phone. Returned communication will occur in less than 24 hours. If that’s not a possibility the message will indicate that it might be longer.

16. A leader never exposes weakness and fear to their organization. Some view me as being “inhuman” or robotic on this. What I mean by this is that the leader must always maintain their certainty about both the business opportunity and the MLM training system. I’ve never met a person in my life that doesn’t have fear and weaknesses. If you’ve got fears or doubts about your company get over them or get out. Fly to the company today and get your concerns handled. Come back and be a rock for your group. I guarantee they’ll follow you. Conversely, share with them your little uncertainties and they’ll be so relieved that you’re “human” and…they’ll also find another leader to follow.

17. Recognizing that everyone is growing, a leader never invalidates the efforts of anyone in his or her organization. One person brings six guests to a meeting, another brings two, and the third brings none. The leader is able to notice that person number three is there - which might have been a major growth step for them. So instead of criticizing them for not bringing a guest - they praise them for being there.

18. The leader is always searching for and praising something about his or her people. “Little babies love praise, but grown men will die for it.” Men in battle will risk their lives for a 1¼” x 1½” ribbon they pin onto their shirt above their left chest pocket. They wear this ribbon for the world to see. Forgo praise and you’ve missed out on the most powerful tool in your leadership arsenal. Praise for things they’ve yet to do, and you’ll create a person who withdraws from the group because you made them a fake.

19. If you share this list with your group - share whose content it is. If you don’t you will also be guilty of the last sentence of item #18. Seeking praise, respect, fame, etc. for what you didn’t do, makes you feel like a fake.

20. A leader uses and teaches new technologies in their organization - but only if it truly works. Don’t drive your organization down dead ends.

21. Leaders are ethical examples. If you “sneak” your people past the registration table you’ve just ruined their perception of you. They can never trust you and they shouldn’t. You’ve got one shot at doing this right.

22. A leader creates alliances with needed national and international (if applicable) groups to ensure their group has support and representation. If no group exists, build it.

23. Leaders are more concerned about the growth of their people than the growth of their bonus check. Focus on the growth of your people, your bonus check will take care of itself.

24. A leader never says what they can get others to say. Example: My company calls and says, “We’d like you to speak at the company convention.” I accept graciously, and then ask “Would it be possible for me to include a new leader named _________? They’re a good speaker and I would love to share the stage with them.” See, a leader wants his or her people to be leaders.

25. A leader never, ever speaks ill of anyone - even if they deserve it.

26. A leader acknowledges other leaders in the room. “We are honored to have in the room with us Mrs. 77. She conducts business meetings in the 44 area.”

27. A leader doesn’t get bent out of shape because they don’t get a return phone call from the corporate office - or the upline! More than once I’ve sent pizza to a department with special instructions to the delivery person telling them to say, “This pizza has already been paid for by Tim Sales. He asks only that after enjoying the pizza that you call him at 555-3797.” Everyone laughs and guess what? You get a phone call with the right tone in their voice for getting something done. Anyone can complain - they’re used to that. A leader finds amusement in creating more effective forms of communication.

28. A leader has a crystal clear vision about their networking marketing company and where they’re taking it. If the company doesn’t have something, they don’t complain, they figure out how to convince the company to get it.

29. A leader, after reviewing this list will print it out and does at least one item every day.

I sincerely hope this MLM training article has inspired you and given you some things to think about as you lead and build your organization.

There are more, but this should get you started.

With growing respect and admiration for you,

Tim Sales

Tim Sales helps network marketers gain the confidence and skills to be an MLM success. Learn how to become a true network marketing professional. Sign up for his free MLM training newsletter and listen to free training at

Friday, September 26, 2008

Healthy For Life Nutrition Seminar

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people by the age of 65 WILL develop a degenerative disease? 50 % of them will develop 2 degenerative diseases! That is scary.

Degenerative diseases include Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers and Arthritis just to name a few!

The best thing is that we can control and prevent these types of diseases!

Attending last night's Healthy for Life Nutrtion Seminar really opened my eyes. I knew about what the world was dying of, but Carmen Marshall educated everyone very well on how we can take control of our lives! We need to be more aware of what we are putting into and on our bodies.

There are 3 easy steps one can take to turn their life around.

1. Take a high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement!

You can't just take any supplement off the market.
You need to know what is in it, how it is made and where it is manufacutured.
Most supplements are regulated by the FDA (food and drug association) and they don't require high quality control and they don't require that every table has exactly what is stated on the bottle.
The ingredients on the bottle are just averages of what is inside!
One tablet could have 100 IU of vitamin E and another have 40 IU of vitamin E while the label says 400 IU of vitamin E.
Scary huh.

Taking several different supplements from different manufactures can also be VERY
harmful to you because they don't mix together!

2. Exercise i5-6 times a week!

This is for 30-60 mins and can be as simple as a walk. Don't do anything that you don't like to
do and make it fun!

3. You need to eat LOW Glycemic foods!

These are foods that don't spike your blood sugar levels. They maintain your blood sugar
level so that you don't spike it and you don't drop it at dramatic levels.

When your young you can pretty much eat whatever you want and the weight doesn't seem to
affect you.
But by spiking and droping your blood sugar levels 5 times a day for 20 -30 years your body can't handle it anymore and tells you it can't by putting more weight on especially around your belly.
Your body is not allowing your insulin to regulate your blood sugar like it did when you were younger.
It is tired of working so hard for so many years.
This is how we increase our chances for type 2 diabetes!

By making these changes in your life you will start to improve your living. It starts with us, our habits are being passed down to our children.

33% of children born in America today will develope type 2 diabetes. If your black or hispanic, that number is 50%!

Let's pass down wonderful lifestyle habits to our children so they, as well as us, can live longer, healthier lives!

If your interested in learning more or have questions, please fill out the contact information at

To your health!!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Eat your antioxidants, Don't drink them!

Your cells are constantly being damaged by free radicals. Free radicals come from stress, environmental hazards and also from eating a fatty meal. You can begin to rebuild your cells by supplying them with optimal nutrition that they need.

Many people swear by juice products and how you can get all your antioxidants from them. Well USANA looked at them, had them tested and found that their claims weren't so true. So, they came up with a bar that gives you Ten times the antioxidant power then most juice products.

See what I mean ---- TenX Blasts Away the Competition such as Zrii, Xango, Mona Vie, g3, and Tahitian Noni.

The TexX Blast is the best product for your money!

Also check out how the TenX antioxidant bar equals in servings of apple juice, orange juice and coffee!

I have one everyday and so should you! Give your body the nutrition it needs.

To your Health!!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Health and Freedom

Last night I attended a local Health and Freedom Presentation in Denver. It just reinforced the fact that USANA Health Sciences is the right company. The presentation was presented by two very professional, personable individuals: Tom Mullen and Carmen Marshall.

There was a training before the presentation that was amazing. USANA has been voted the #1 Home Based Business for 10 years in a row by top Network Marketing Publications. To make it more exciting, USANA has just added 2 incredible enhancements to the compensation plan to make it even easier for the average person to earn commissions by just working on ONE side of their business and also to give elite associates an added bonus for helping others succeed.

In fact, USANA has over 115 people in the Million Dollar Club. What does that mean? These individuals have made over $1 million dollars through USANA. With that huge number, it just reinforces the fact that ANYONE can do this business and make money!

In a regular job setting, people are competing for higher ranks to make extra money, right? There are only a certain number of positions, not every one can be a manager or CEO and make the big bucks. With USANA, you earn the amount you want through your own efforts! Even better, the more you help others achieve success, the more you get rewarded with USANA!! It is a team effort. Everyone helps everyone, even if your cross line.

I happened to be cross line to this team but they welcomed my business partner and I and allowed us to be part of their organization. They open their doors to anyone and everyone. If you give to others, it will come back to you!

Also in the training we heard from their top leaders and what they took away from Convention. It was just amazing to hear about the guest speakers that USANA had: Robert Kiyosaki, Paul Zane Pilzner, Tim Sales, Denis Waitley and Dr. Myron Wentz. The message I took from them was that these individuals have great respect for USANA.

USANA's vision "To manufacture the highest quality, science-based products that people can trust--what is on the label is in the bottle--providing maximum bioavailablity for better health around the world and giving everyone the opportunity for a better quality of life!"

I know that before I got started with USANA, I wanted a better way of life. Not only for myself, but for my family. I followed my gut and intuition which lead me to the path of USANA. You should do the same, follow your intuiton! Help others and help yourself.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Do you know what your getting?

About 70% of Americans are taking some type of nutritional supplement on a daily basis. We know that the food that we are eating these days is not providing us the nutrition that our bodies need to stay healthy.

When it comes to a supplement, are you getting what your paying for? Do you know what your getting? Is your supplement actually dissolving in your body or is just passing through?

Most supplements on the market are manufactured to the food standard by the FDA. What does this mean? Lets think about a box of chocolate chip cookies. On the box it might say, 10 chocolate chips. However when you pull out 2 cookies, 1 might have 5 chips and the other might have 12. what is on the box is an average.

That is how most supplements on the market are produced. The label gives a number but one tablet might have less nutrients and another one might have more. Its an average! To top it off, that table might not even dissolve in your body. So then you aren't even getting any nutrients.

I have found a book called "Nutrisearch Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements" by Lyle McWilliams to be very helpful. This scientist looked at over 1500 different supplements on the market and tested bioavailablity, nutrients, etc so that people could make informed decisions on the type of supplement they need to give their cells.

You truly get what you pay for!

Friday, August 29, 2008

The New Revolution of Energy Drinks!

The newest product coming out of USANA Health Sciences.
Rev3 Energy!
Who better to develop a revolutionary energy drink than the scientists of USANA. Energy drinks are all the buzz these days but most of them leave you crashing and burning after you take them.
Rev3 is cleaner, smarter and stronger! It combines natural caffeine from teas and low glycemic sugars while giving you important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants!! This will help you improve your body's response to stress and fatigue.
To try this product or learn more, contact me at Join the Revolution =)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

USANA Convention

There are only 11 Days left until the USANA Convention in Salt Lake City, UT.

What an amazing event. The guest speakers are the top of the top:

Robert Kiyosaki - author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Paul Zane Pilzner - world-renowed economist and a multimillionaire software entrepreneur, and an adjunct professor.

Tim Sales - the most sought out trainer, speaker and advisor in network marketing.

Dr. Denis Waitley - renowned auther and speaker and involved with USANA for several years.

Dr. Myron Wentz - founder and CEO of USANA Health Sciences

It is just amazing to see a wonderful line of speakers that are involved with sharing information with us, USANA Health Sciences. To help us grow and develop not only ourselves but our wonderful business'.

I am so proud to be invovled with this company. It is not like any other, we have products that are scientifically changing the way people live their lives. This isn't hearsay, it is proven with third party research and tests!!

USANA is a vehicle to "True Wealth and True Health!"

Friday, August 15, 2008


As as I am watching the Olympics, I am admiring the awesome shape, energy and determination these athletes have. They put their bodies through so much to acheive wonderful results. Their goal, a GOLD medal. These athletes have to see it, feel it and go get it!

They also have to be very carfeful of the products that they can put in their body. They get tested all the time to make sure they have NO banned substances in their bodies. Athletes need the best nutriton available for their bodies because of the work they put them through. Most athletes don't supplement their bodies with nutritional supplements because most supplements can't guarantee that the athlete won't test positive. There is one company that CAN make this guarantee and it is USANA Health Sciences.

In fact USANA Health Sciences offers a $1 million athlete guarantee that they will NOT test positive for any banned substances. USANA is the official sponsor of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour and several other athletes.

Check it out for yourself: USANA and Athletes

If the athletes trust this supplement, why not you. Give your cells the nutrition they need!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Live Green!!

The environment and how we as people are living our lives today is becoming increasingly concerning to everyone. Some products that we currently use are causing great impact not only on our bodys and our health but and also on the environment. Many manufactures are going "GREEN". They are producing products that are environmentaly friendly. Things that you use in your everyday life.

The rise in gas prices are also having an effect on people. It is becoming increasingly costly to go to the store to purchase items because you will be spending more money just on the gas. A lot of people have turned to the internet. It is an easy way to get your products without the hassel of traffic and fighting people at the stores.

I have found a wonderful website called You can go there, without the hassel of standing in line, and purchase products that you can use in your daily life as well as protect the enviroment.

You can purchase anything from household items to keep your house and your hands "green" all the way to reusable bags!

This site and these products are a great way to start improving your life and the environment!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Home based business

With the economy going the way it is...all the foreclosures, soaring gas prices and people losing their jobs, a home based business might be the way to go. There are many benefits to having one.

I got involved with one because I wanted to stay home and take care of my son while still being able to bring income into the home. It totally gives me the opportunity to do just that and more. I am able to work my business around my babies schedule. Not to mention NEVER leaving the house, unless I want too.

I also wanted to make enough money to pay off some of our debt. A home business is by no means a get rich quick scheme. It is a BUSINESS. It requires hard work and discipline but the benefits are amazing. You invest hard work and time into your business at first and it will pay for you as time goes on. That is why I love RESIDUAL INCOME.

I also DIDN'T want a boss. I always hated working for someone else. Having them dictate what time I need to be at work and how long I needed to be there. By working at home I am able to get up, feed my baby, do a little work, play and feed my son again. I have no set schedule.

Then there are the tax advantages. You can write off space in your home, indoor improvements, traveling expenses, meeting expenses such as dinners, etc. The list goes on and on. Check out the book Lower Your Taxes by Sandy Botkin. It is a great resource.

In making my decision of a home based business I wanted something that I would love to share with others. I also wanted a product that would help my family in some way as well as others. With degenerative diseases on the rise and occurring in my family, I wanted to have something that I could trust and product that actually works. That is when I found USANA Health Sciences.

You need a company that you can trust and enjoy sharing with others. My home based business has changed my life in so many ways. Home based business' are here to stay.

Network Marketing

I never really liked the idea of working for someone else. Even the most rewarding jobs I had always came with bosses. They were the ones telling me when to report to work, when I was to eat lunch and what days I would get off. I think you get the picture.

I was researching one night on the Internet about having a home based business. I came across a video by Tim Sales called Brilliant Compensation. This video changed my life. It showed how working for someone else wouldn't get me where I needed to be.

Before watching Brilliant Compensation, I only knew network marketing from what others had told me. They never had experience in it either. They were telling me information that they had heard from others.

I attended a presentation by Tim Sales and he talked about when researching network marketing, who should you take advice from? Check out and watch his video. It will change your life.

You don't need to be afraid of network marketing! It is an industry that is growing 2006 this was a $32 BILLION Dollar industry!

Even Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki recommends Network Marketing!

Unfortunately, one will NEVER gain financial freedom from a JOB!