Friday, August 15, 2008


As as I am watching the Olympics, I am admiring the awesome shape, energy and determination these athletes have. They put their bodies through so much to acheive wonderful results. Their goal, a GOLD medal. These athletes have to see it, feel it and go get it!

They also have to be very carfeful of the products that they can put in their body. They get tested all the time to make sure they have NO banned substances in their bodies. Athletes need the best nutriton available for their bodies because of the work they put them through. Most athletes don't supplement their bodies with nutritional supplements because most supplements can't guarantee that the athlete won't test positive. There is one company that CAN make this guarantee and it is USANA Health Sciences.

In fact USANA Health Sciences offers a $1 million athlete guarantee that they will NOT test positive for any banned substances. USANA is the official sponsor of the Sony Ericsson WTA Tour and several other athletes.

Check it out for yourself: USANA and Athletes

If the athletes trust this supplement, why not you. Give your cells the nutrition they need!

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