Friday, September 26, 2008

Healthy For Life Nutrition Seminar

Did you know that 3 out of 4 people by the age of 65 WILL develop a degenerative disease? 50 % of them will develop 2 degenerative diseases! That is scary.

Degenerative diseases include Cardiovascular disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Alzheimers and Arthritis just to name a few!

The best thing is that we can control and prevent these types of diseases!

Attending last night's Healthy for Life Nutrtion Seminar really opened my eyes. I knew about what the world was dying of, but Carmen Marshall educated everyone very well on how we can take control of our lives! We need to be more aware of what we are putting into and on our bodies.

There are 3 easy steps one can take to turn their life around.

1. Take a high quality, pharmaceutical grade nutritional supplement!

You can't just take any supplement off the market.
You need to know what is in it, how it is made and where it is manufacutured.
Most supplements are regulated by the FDA (food and drug association) and they don't require high quality control and they don't require that every table has exactly what is stated on the bottle.
The ingredients on the bottle are just averages of what is inside!
One tablet could have 100 IU of vitamin E and another have 40 IU of vitamin E while the label says 400 IU of vitamin E.
Scary huh.

Taking several different supplements from different manufactures can also be VERY
harmful to you because they don't mix together!

2. Exercise i5-6 times a week!

This is for 30-60 mins and can be as simple as a walk. Don't do anything that you don't like to
do and make it fun!

3. You need to eat LOW Glycemic foods!

These are foods that don't spike your blood sugar levels. They maintain your blood sugar
level so that you don't spike it and you don't drop it at dramatic levels.

When your young you can pretty much eat whatever you want and the weight doesn't seem to
affect you.
But by spiking and droping your blood sugar levels 5 times a day for 20 -30 years your body can't handle it anymore and tells you it can't by putting more weight on especially around your belly.
Your body is not allowing your insulin to regulate your blood sugar like it did when you were younger.
It is tired of working so hard for so many years.
This is how we increase our chances for type 2 diabetes!

By making these changes in your life you will start to improve your living. It starts with us, our habits are being passed down to our children.

33% of children born in America today will develope type 2 diabetes. If your black or hispanic, that number is 50%!

Let's pass down wonderful lifestyle habits to our children so they, as well as us, can live longer, healthier lives!

If your interested in learning more or have questions, please fill out the contact information at

To your health!!

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