Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tis the Season to be Networking! Falalala lalalala

Can you believe it? The holiday's are knocking at our doors. Where did the time go? What a wonderful time to hangout with family and friends! Catch up with them and see what is going on!

This is a great time for your business. Talk with the people you know and the people you don't know, work on your communication skills and also find out more about them.

Dig a little deeper, find out their interests and maybe a way you can help them jump start their goals in the New Year. Not to mention creating ideas of health for their Holiday gifts!

Let them speak! Take all their information with you and when you get back home you can follow up with them and share some great information that might help them achieve what they are looking for!

My team and I are having Health and Wellness Spa Seminars and networking parties all the way up until the New Year so that we can bring people together and share this wonderful gift, USANA.

Also incorporate giving "True Health" to people in the form of sampling out products. It is a great way to create curiosity and interest. You do have to make sure to follow-up with your potential prospect!

I hope that everyone enjoys the Holiday Season!

To Your Health!!
Stacy Stehle

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