Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What Are Your Emotions Like?

Being a fan of The Secret and books like Ask and It's Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks, I have come to realize that your emotions and feelings are a great indicator of whether you are on the right path to receive the things that you desire.

In order to get what your are truly looking for or to change your life around you need to be aware of your feelings.

Having a good feeling or being in a good mood allows the energy to flow to you and the things you want will come to you faster. It makes sense because if you want to get what you desire you also want to be happy doing it!

If you are in a bad mood or have feeling irritated or angry, you will only draw more of that into your life. If you notice, when in that mood, you will have more bad things happen to you. The law of Attraction!

What are you emotions like?
Check yourself throughout the day. If you are finding that you are in a bad mood, change it around.

How do you change your emotions?
Think of something that makes you happy. Feel the temperature, see the colors observe what you can. Get yourself back into a good mood.

If you would like more information on this, I highly recommend the book Ask and It's Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They give great examples of how you can improve on a good mood and change a bad mood to start allowing yourself to receive what you are asking the universe for!

Get more of what you want! Be Happy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Nutritionals You Can Trust

With everything going on in today's life, one might be feeling stressed, not eating as good as one should and overall just not feeling 100%! The important thing you can do is feed your body the nutrition it needs to help you fight those free radicals that are breaking down your cells and causing havoc in your body.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Team Work Is What We Need!

Just the other day I had a conversation with a gentleman. We were talking about the economy and he felt that people are only out for themselves. Nobody wants to help anyone!

I am sort of seeing this with people I know who have worked with larger companies. They have been at their jobs for a number of years. They work hard, come in early and stay late sometimes to get the job done. They do what is asked of them and even more. Then because the economy has slowed, the company rewards these hard, dependable workers with a reduction of working hours or a layoff. How do they support themselves and their families?

This is the time when people need to work together! We need team work! You achieve what you want when you are able to get other's to achieve what they want.

Network Marketing is a great learning experience for anyone. It has shown me how to take control of my life by becoming a leader. Learning how to help other's find their true potential. I have also learned how to build stability in my life. The only way to succeed in Network Marketing is to build a team of people that have a common goal of helping others! The education that you will receive is priceless!

Past experiences have also shown that this is the time when Network Marketing booms!

This is what we need in this economy. We need to stick together and use team work. We don't need to feel that we are all alone and there is no way. We need hope and encouragement. The path may not be easy, especially for those who are taking a huge step out of their comfort zone but you will find that you have support. People within your team have more then likely been on the same path, sometime in their journey.

Let's build up this economy, build great teams that help each other acheive their goals!