Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you taking supplements?

I have recently been hearing people say, "I don't need to supplement, I eat healthy!" That is great that you are eating healthy. There was a time long ago, like a 100 years, when we probably didn't need to supplement.

Today, with our fertilization methods and over-farming, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants are no longer in the soils as they once were. Because of this, they don't get to the plants and they are not reaching our bodies through food.

In order to get the amount of one nutrient, vitamin E, from food, you would need to consume 28.8 lbs of spinach everyday. Remember, that is just one nutrient. I like to eat but not that much of several different nutrients.

The American Medical Association reversed it's stance saying that "it would be prudent for all adults to take a multivitamin."

So, Do you supplement?

Keep a look out for my next post when I explain what vitamins and minerals do for you!

To Your Health,
Stacy Stehle

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Tim Haran said...

Great post. It reminded me of this "daily nutrient checklist"

It shows how much food you'd have to consume to equal one dose of The Essentials. Pretty amazing.

I enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to your next post.

Stacy Stehle said...

Thanks Tim! I like the "Daily Nutrient Checklist"! Thanks for reminding me!

Military Momz said...

I do! Well, most of the time! My gynecologist did tell me this year to start taking a multivitamin daily if I didnt already. (Hmmm... is he telling me I am getting old) LOL When I remember, I take One A Day Weight Smart.