Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Back from the Best Live Event in America!

WOW! That is pretty much all that I can say about the 2009 USANA International Convention. A four day packed event that not only changed my husband's life but also the life of many other's!

I feel so blessed to be able to be a part of a company that is changing the health industry as well as the network marketing industry for the better.

The Convention started off with USANAFest! So much fun and a great place for everyone to network and enjoy themselves. We enjoyed music by the Free Radicals, Collin Raye and USANA Idol!

My husband and I were able to get a picture with the CEO, Dave Wentz! An amazing man who was voted one of America's Powerful CEO's 40 and under by Forbes.com!

Then we received great tips on business and products! Were able to learn about the updates and new products to help make people's lives better. Then there was the entertainment, which was fabulous and included the Beat Freaks! One of my favorites! It was also wonderful to hear from the Founder,Dr. Myron Wentz!

Larry King, made a guest appearance on the USANA Stage and interviewed Tim Sales. What an amazing experience because Larry King was able to walk away with a better understanding of network marketing and how it is NOT a ponzi scheme!

At the USANA Store I was able to catch up with Tim Haran, Social Media Specialist. It is great when you get to meet in person the people you are communicating with online! Thanks Tim!

Saturday evening the Integritas Group had a networking party. Was able to meet with some wonderful people and catch up with the Dan Macuga, VP of Marketing and Public Relations.