Thursday, October 1, 2009

Energy is spreading!

Some great news is being spread throughout out the celebrity community!

What could it be.....You definitely want to get your copy of Star Magazine and Life and Style Magazine!

The talk of the town is REV3!

Many celebrities had the opportunity to give REV3 a try at MTV Movie Awards and the Emmy Gift Lounge.

What is REV3?

It is a cleaner, smarter, stronger energy drink that doesn't leave you crashing! Caffeine from green, white and black tea and packed with antioxidants. Clearly a health alternative to the crash and burn energy drinks on the market.

In fact, REV3 has received the Best Health/Nutrition Beverage from the Best of State Gala in Utah.

This is great news for REV3 and USANA Health Sciences who are paving the way to a better future and health for others.

To learn more about the info in Star Magazine and Life and Style Magazine go to:
USANA Health Sciences blog

Always bringing you the best in health and freedom,

Stacy Stehle

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