Saturday, December 12, 2009

Are you putting up the CLOSED sign on your business during the holidays?

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The holidays are a great time to get out of your normal business routine by spending more time with your family, hanging out with friends, putting up decorations and watching the Christmas movies that come on television every year.

It is also a time when many people slow down or stop working on their business. Keep in mind, what you do, your team will also do.

It is great to take some time off and enjoy what you have but you also want to remember that you are in business. For most of us, we are in a business of relationship building.

What can you do during the holidays to continue to keep the momentum going in your business but also enjoy what you have and put the CLOSED sign away?

1. You want to continue to make and keep connections of those that you meet and already know. Really be interested in the people you come in contact with. Learn more about them and what their interests are. Your building relationships!

2. Show your appreciate to others who have helped you in your business, like your loyal customer and clients.

3. Start planning and implementing your January Kick-Off projects and start marketing them!

These are a few steps that I hope you will find useful to help you keep the momentum going and to build on your success on 2010!

If you have any other great ideas, I would love to hear about them!

Happy Holidays!

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