Sunday, June 6, 2010

Are you trying to balance being a stay at home parent with a home business?

I have to say that I have the best job and I really do love it.  I am a full time stay at home mom but I also am running a business, actually two.  One is healthy coaching and the other is business consulting in the health & wellness industry.

I get to be home with my son during the day and then be home for the family in the evening.  My business falls in between all of this.  During my son's nap time and then during the evenings when my husband is home.

However, I found myself very challenged by this week.  Trying to balance my time with my son, who just turned 2 and trying to keep momentum in my businesses so that I can keep up with them and keep them productive.  I found myself getting kind of frustrated.  I felt like time wasn't on my side.

Do you find that is how you are?  Juggling so many things at once that you may feel a bit overwhelmed or frustrated?  Do you feel off balanced?

So, I spend some time yesterday just thinking about how I can be more productive?  How can I continue to provide my son with great enrichment and learning but also feel that I am being productive in my business and still having time for myself?

Then it came to me.  I got some great insight in the form of thoughts!

  • Setting business hours - Do you set your own business hours?  I did and then it turned into doing it whenever it was convenient.  From last week, I found out that this way isn't very productive.  I am not able to give my full attention to my son or my full attention to my business.

  • Using my office - Do you have a home office?  Do you use it?  I have one, but I don't use it! =)  I am guilty of keeping my laptop in the kitchen, which has become my new office.  What I have found out this week is that it really doesn't serve me to mix your business time with my parenting time.  I found that I put half of my focus on each and it really made my day worse.  Not to mention the tugs and pulls from my son wanting me to play with him. =)

  • Taking time for myself - Do you ever do something that you enjoy?  Maybe its a bath or a walk or relaxation outside?  I do however, take time for myself but last week I did slack in this area.  You might be thinking, "How can I take time for myself when I have to take time for everyone else?  Who is going to get it done?  You know, the laundry the dishes?"
    • You know what, you don't have to do it all!  I tell my clients this all the time.  You are the most important person in this world and if you aren't making yourself happy once in the day then no one around you will be happy!  Even if it is for 10 mins, take time out for yourself!

    This week I will be implementing these 3 steps!  I hope that you do the same.  What I do know, and am reminded of this often, if you are doing something that is making your frustrated, overwhelmed, annoyed, etc. then what is making you feel this way will not be going the way you truly want it to go.

    Take some time to really enjoy and have fun with what you are doing.  If you aren't, it is time to step away from it and don't come back until you are ready to enjoy it!

    I look forward to hearing from you on how this process helped!

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