Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Are you really living a fulfilled life?

Can you honestly say that you are living your life that way you have always imagined it?  Are you doing what you always thought you would be doing?

I think there might just be a handful of people that can actually say YES to those questions.

Many people wake up each day, drained, working way to much and really hating what they do.  Are you one that falls into those categories?

I was really one of those people!  Without a doubt!  When the alarm hit I always felt "sick to my stomach" and I did not want to get out of bed to go to a job that I really hated.  I felt like this for years.  Until I got pregnant!  You are probably thinking, OK so I have to get pregnant to enjoy life....well maybe...but NO!  Getting pregnant really opened my eyes to the way that I was living my life.

By bringing a baby into the world, I wanted to share with him that he can BE, DO, and HAVE anything in his life! So if I wanted to share that with him, shouldn't I be living that kind of life?  I always say, practice what you preach.

Of course!  That is really when I started to look deep down inside and do so some soul searching.  What was it that I really loved to do and how could I really do that?

Many of us have been taken down a path that had lead us to something that isn't quite what we imagined for ourselves.  If your on that path, I invite you to do some soul searching for yourself.  Ask yourself,  "What lead me to this point?  What stories are going on inside, that I am telling myself, that is keeping me from truly enjoying life?"

This may take some time to ponder....but really give yourself that time.  The more that I work with clients and even myself, the more I realize that we are here on this Earth to enjoy it but to also live our our Life's Purpose. For each and every person, that will be something different.  But if you aren't happy and enjoying life, then you are probably not doing what you have come here to do.

Think about what would you rather be doing?

I am giving you permission to IMAGINE!

Image your life the way you truly want to live.  Then ask yourself. "What can I do today to move myself forward to living my life with joy and happiness?"

What brings me joy and happiness is being my family, waking up every morning to take care of my son and enjoy the sunrise, helping people with health, the ocean, and doing yoga!  That is what I LOVE to do!

Here is a great video that I think you will enjoy!  The song is very catching and has a great message! =)

PLEASE REMEMBER:  It is never to late to do what makes you happy, sometimes you just need some support and guidance to get you going!  There is always someone around to help support you and guide you in the right direction!

I would truly love to hear from you and to know that you are living a fulfilled life!  If not, what would you like to be doing to move you to that place?  I looking forward to connecting with you all!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

My Prosperity Journey!

If you have been up to date with my last few blogs I have started doing the 40 day Prosperity Plan from The Abundance Book by Jonathon Randolph Price.

Today is Day 15 and it is going amazing!  I have got some great insight over these past few days.

Many people grow up with the belief that money isn't something that you have, it doesn't come easy or that you have to work REALLY, REALLY hard at it.

One thing I have learned is that whatever your beliefs maybe around money, they can be changed.  However, it does take time and work to change them.

That is what I really love about the 40 day plan!  You are learning how to change your beliefs around money.  Money isn't an object.  Money is not your supply.  It really is energy.  Many of us feel that money is what we need, money is everything.

In actuality, we need love, joy and happiness.  When we can reach that state of abundance within ourselves, then everything else will fall into place.

Take a look at your life now.  What is showing up for you on the outside.  Whatever that is, is a reflection of what is going on inside.  If you feel stuck, lost, having a hard time getting what you really want, then you need to change what you are telling yourself.  You need to change your beliefs about prosperity.  You need to start living your life with love and joy.

As you move into love and joy, you are moving into alignment with what you want.  Synchronicities will start to show up for you and move you and it will feel absolutely amazing how everything falls right into place.

Just remember, it takes work on your part to feel good.  The wonderful thing is you can start to feel good NOW!

I hope you have been living the 40 day plan too!  I would love to hear what is coming up for you!

To Your Success,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Day 1 of the 40 Day Prosperity Plan

I got up early this morning so that I could do my daily Reiki practice and mediate on day 1, Statement of Principles, of the 40 day prosperity plan in the abundance book.

I do want to start by saying that it has been a challenge for me to continue this.  I think it is so important to start incorporating this into your daily routine.  The book suggests that you do this in the am, right after you wake up or in the pm, right before bed.

I have to say that I was excited to get started!  I really like the fact that we start out with releasing the belief that money is my supply.  My supply is really God, Source, Spirit, whatever you call it!  That is my true abundance and it flows through me.  I am the reality of that.  I found that to be so powerful.

Day 1 is a great start.  I do find myself looking over the statement through out the day!

Join me by getting your book and taking the 40 day prosperity plan: The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price

Monday, July 12, 2010

My Journey with the Abundance Book

Last month the book The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price was recommended with me understand the truth about the Law of Abundance.  In this book it includes a 40 day prosperity plan.  I have started this prosperity plan.

When you start the 40 day plan you need to journal and mediate each day.  It is really about building a practice and changing your beliefs around prosperity and where it comes from.  If you miss a day you need to start from the beginning so that you can be consistent and 

So, I have not gone through a full 40 days, so my goal is to blog about my journey and what I experience as a way of being accountable and engaging in this wonderful process.

I highly recommend that you join me in this journey!  To get your copy of this book just go to!

Here is to the next 40 days of Abundance!