Thursday, August 5, 2010

Are Company Events Even Important To Go To When Building a Home Business?

If you are thinking of starting a home based business, one thing you might have heard throughout your introduction to the company, is that it is very important to go to company events, one in particular being Convention.

In the back of your mind, you might be saying, OK, that's great but I will see when the time comes. Maybe even cost and expenses enter your mind. I know, I used to tell myself those stories too.

Until I went to my first USANA Convention. It was amazing!

What are the benefits of attending your home based business Companies Convention?
(I am speaking from my experience.)

- Product knowledge. Every year we get to have some amazing trainings that pertain to certain products within the company as well as hearing about some amazing new products first hand and to get training on them too.

- Company knowledge. I have been reminded year after year how wonderful our company is and how it works. It is even better if you are able to visit and tour the company!

- Networking. I just love the fact that you get to meet face to face with wonderful people who run the operations part of the company but also work in the field. This is my favorite part because you get to connected with people who are at different stages in their business but you also get to network with the guys and ladies who work in the corporate office. Personally, since building my business through social media, I have made a lot of great friendships and this is the time to stop by and say hi, face to face!

- Self development. This is so important. Each year that I attend I am able to push myself to new limits. I uncover what maybe holding me back in certain areas and I learn how to move past them.

- Business training. No matter where you may be in your business, starting out or having been in business for years, you can always benefit from business training. How to be successful in the field, how to build a great team, how to move you forward and turn your business up a notch.

Whatever you need, you will find it at Convention!  Guaranteed.  

I have to say if you are still questioning whether this is the right next step for you, especially if it is to Attend the USANA International Convention, then this is the event YOU will WANT to attend!

So, to answer the question "Are company event even important to go to when building a home business" my answer is YES! You don't want to miss it!

You and your business will succeed and reach new levels when you attend events like Convention. Don't hesitate, get yourself and your business there!

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