Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Important is Setting Your Intention?

The one thing that I have learned this week is to pay attention to synchronicities.  

I think of a synchronicity as a coincidence, or coordination of events. 

I also know to start paying attention to things when they happen more than once!  So, this week the word "intentions" was coming up all over the place.

It was in my conversations when I was talking to friends and family, my accountability buddies, and even on the online radio shows and some videos that I was listening to.

If that isn't a sign....I don't know what is!

What I took away from this showing up in my life more than once, is that, setting an intention is one of the most powerful things that we can do.

You are working with the Universe to co-create your reality!  By setting your intention you are really giving yourself back the power of how you want situations, circumstances, and things to go.

I set my intention for the day, when I wake up.  What I am going to set into more practice, is setting an intention for projects and tasks that I am doing in my life.  Also when things don't "feel" so good for me, I will be setting my intention.

It is most powerful to set an intention with these two components.  How you want to feel and what you want to experience!  

Today I intend to feel energized and confident that I can clean up the kitchen and complete a few business tasks with ease!  

What are your intentions for the day or maybe for a particular project or task?  I invite you to set them and watch the magic unfold!  Please share below so I can hold your intention for you and seeing it the way you want!

Have a magical day!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays!!!

I am so grateful and thankful to have YOU as a reader!  Thank you so much for your time, comments and interactions!  I hope that his Holiday Season is wonderful and amazing!

Take time for yourself to bask in the energy of the ocean and the ocean animals!  Take time to play, sing, dance and just BE this holiday season!  I leave you with this awesome video from TheOceanicProject with the humpback whales and their song!  ENJOY!!!

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How Can I Set the Foundation to an Abundant Life?

To be quite honest, an abundant life really starts from within.  That's right, it starts with you!  You are the vehicle or vessel of what you bring into your life.  

Take some time to really think about that.  Look around at your life.  Do you have what you want?  Are you always trying to work harder?  Do things come to you naturally or does it take you a long time to get what you want?

You are sending out a higher vibration of energy when things come to you easily.  You are feeling joyful, excited and full of love and gratitude most of of the time.  I call these the high energy vibrations.

If you feel stuck or having a hard time with manifesting what you want, then you are most likely in a place of lack, frustration, struggle and maybe even feeling a bit depressed.  I call these emotions and feelings the low level vibrations.   

I do have to say that the more and more that I tap into the Universal Laws and Energy Work I am so amazed by this wondrous power.     

Life doesn't have to be hard.  You don't need to work, work, work to figure things out.  The most important tool is to align your energy to a higher vibration to get what you want.

The key to creating an abundant life really beings with you and how you take care of yourself! 

How are you treating your body?
Do you have a hard time maintaining your healthy lifestyle?
Unsure of the right choices and how to make them?

In order to make some changes to improve your current healthy lifestyle, deepen your spiritual connection to your inner guidance and raise your energy, then you will want to join me for a special Teleclass happening on December 16, 2010 at 6pm Mountain Time.

The Teleclass is called Whale Energy & Wisdom Creating Your Healthy Connections and you will learn:

  • How to understand and incorporate the wisdom and energy of the Whales into creating and maintaining your healthy lifestyle
  • What Spirituality and Inner Guidance means to you
  • Tools to help you connect with your inner guidance and "pre-pave" your energy
  • The power of Meditation 
  • Plan for you to implement the tools into your daily life
  • I will lead you through a Whale Meditation

This call will help you to create a foundation and clear channel way to better health and more abundance in your life.  

To sign up for the call go to:

I hope to "hear" you on the call!


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Are You Pushing to Make Something Happen?

How many times have you pushed and pushed to try and make something work?  Maybe you feel under pressure to make a certain outcome happen so you end up doing something that you wish you could take back?  

Have you ever felt as if you were just keep banging your head against the wall, because what you are trying to make happen just isn't happening or working out the way that you wanted it too.

Of course, you are not alone.  I had been there so many times and I know that many other people have experienced the same thing.  I finally figured out the key to ALLOWING!

Growing up, I think a lot of us are taught that we need to use our heads and just "figure things out".  For so many years I followed this process and it just made me even more frustrated.  Deep down inside I felt as if there was a better way to make things happen.

For the past 3 years I am diving into my own spirituality and my intuition.  Along my journey I have learned and realize that all the answers that we need are right in front of us and among us!  We just need to open ourselves up and ALLOW ourselves to be aware of them.

This week I have had some personal/business breakthroughs.  It wasn't until I let go....I mean fully let go of what I was trying so hard to figure out that I started to get some thoughts and ideas that just felt so wonderful!

I want to give you some tips on how you can 'let go and ALLOW in' more of what you want.

  • Get clear and specific on the questions you are asking - this one is very hard for many people.  They are usually all over the place and don't really know what it is that they want. 

  • Ask your questions and let it float into the Universe - you need to let it go, stop worrying about it, complaining about it or getting frustrated.  This keeps you in a place of resistance and in fact brings you more worry, complaining and frustration.  Let it go!

  • Find something FUN to do - read a book, watch your favorite television show, hang out with friends, go surfing or snowboarding.  Do something that gets your mind off your question.

  • Be aware - notice your thoughts, feelings, things that are happening around you.  These are all synchronicities that will lead you to your answer!

  • Keep a journal - write it down!  All of it, your question, observations, synchronicities!  Then review it.  This will help you to get clear on your answer or the next direction you need to take to answer your question!
This process works!  You just need to have confidence and trust in your ability to let things go so that you can ALLOW more of what you want in!

I do want to hear from you!  Please feel free to leave your comments and questions below!  Do you use this process and if so, how has it helped you?  If you haven't use this, do you think you will give it a try?

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