Thursday, December 30, 2010

How Important is Setting Your Intention?

The one thing that I have learned this week is to pay attention to synchronicities.  

I think of a synchronicity as a coincidence, or coordination of events. 

I also know to start paying attention to things when they happen more than once!  So, this week the word "intentions" was coming up all over the place.

It was in my conversations when I was talking to friends and family, my accountability buddies, and even on the online radio shows and some videos that I was listening to.

If that isn't a sign....I don't know what is!

What I took away from this showing up in my life more than once, is that, setting an intention is one of the most powerful things that we can do.

You are working with the Universe to co-create your reality!  By setting your intention you are really giving yourself back the power of how you want situations, circumstances, and things to go.

I set my intention for the day, when I wake up.  What I am going to set into more practice, is setting an intention for projects and tasks that I am doing in my life.  Also when things don't "feel" so good for me, I will be setting my intention.

It is most powerful to set an intention with these two components.  How you want to feel and what you want to experience!  

Today I intend to feel energized and confident that I can clean up the kitchen and complete a few business tasks with ease!  

What are your intentions for the day or maybe for a particular project or task?  I invite you to set them and watch the magic unfold!  Please share below so I can hold your intention for you and seeing it the way you want!

Have a magical day!

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