About Stacy


I am an Energy & Healthy Lifestyle Coach and a Mom. I live in Colorado with my wonderful husband and son.

As an Energy & Healthy Lifestyle Coach, I apply the universal spiritual principles, like the law of attraction, deliberate creation, the art of allowing into my life and my business and help others to do the same. I truly believe in practicing what I preach and doing the work myself in order to help others succeed.
I really connected with Universal Laws after watching the movie “The Secret” and reading “Ask and It’s Given” and many other books.  It wasn’t until I became an Empowered Spiritual Life Coach that I started to put those universal spiritual principles to action.  Since then, I have realized that I could live abundantly and have a greater sense of peace in business and in my life.

My True Passion

The Ocean and marine life!  I also have a BA in Marine Science from the University of Hawaii at Hilo.  I have worked as a Co-pilot on a passenger submersible; a Scientific Aquarist where I cared for and played with sharks, sea turtles, fish and stingrays; and then landing my dream job (so I thought) as a Sea lion & Dolphin Trainer.  After my experience as a marine mammal trainer I realized that these animals have so much to share with us.  I truly believe that these animals are best to be seen in their natural habitat.  The open ocean!
It is because of my passion for the ocean and the animals as well as my experiences and knowledge that I have been able to incorporate this into my wellness business.  I offer an unique approach to helping clients create healthy lifestyles inspired by the Ocean.
My goal is to be able to take my clients to the ocean so they can experience these energies and be able to heal, enjoy and grow on a whole new level. 

Wellness Entrepreneur 

I think wellness means more than just eating and exercise.  I truly believe wellness is mental, physical and of course spiritual.  It wasn’t until 2006 when I took the step into becoming an entrepreneur in the wellness field.  From there I have expanded into the spiritual aspects of business and life becoming an Empowered Spiritual Life Coach.  
I empower others to creating their own wellness business through an amazing marketing plan, as well as coaching woman to becoming comfortable in their own skin.  
I am a USANA Independent Associate and a Certified Healthy for Life Team Leader.
I also feel that not only do we need to take care of our bodies, but we need to take care of our Soul!   Because of this approach and my love for helping people create abundance in their life as well as my special connection with the ocean and marine animals, I am able to pull this all in to my business and bring a unique approach to entrepreneurship and wellness.  
I look forward to connecting with you! Please feel free to email me at oceanenergywellness@usana.com 
Light & Love,
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